How To Use Lucky Patcher – An In depth Tutorial

Lucky Patcher : Here we have the fully fledged tutorial on How to use Lucky Patcher APK that we promised in the earlier post. In order to make things interesting, we went ahead and asked on twitter what version of lucky patcher you want this tutorial to be about. With no surprise, edge landed on 8.0.0 series as its considered the best in the entire franchise. You can now read and follow this tutorial in order to get the in sight of the lucky patcher basics. In case you face any errors while following the steps mentioned here, feel free to comment down what is blocking the process and we’ll get right back at ya!

How To Use Lucky Patcher - An In depth Tutorial

Method to Download Lucky Patcher

As mentioned in the earlier article, the download links have been provided in the site and can be used in order to obtain the original copy of latest Lucky Patcher APK. Do not worry about updates as we will be performing manual checks and each time an update comes out, we will change the links here so that you get the freshest of the goods possible.

  • Download Lucky Patcher file
  • Make sure it is the right one by checking the extension of it
  • The extension name should be “APK” if it is other than that, you will have to start over again
  • We will be keeping our links updated so that each time a new version comes out, you get the latest one in here. You can make it more functional by adding source files in the codec rather than root directory
  • You have to root your phone as the app will not be able to invade and read source files without that

The entire process of Downloading lucky patcher boils down to basic Android processing. If you are familiar with Android and its functions, It will be a piece of cake for you to get this tool working on your smartphone. Make sure to follow each and every step mentioned there so that you can get the best possible experience out of lucky patcher.

How To Use Lucky Patcher

Patching and modding can get complex and without proper supervision can turn out to be a mess. Which is why we made sure to give the most complete and fool proof guide to use Lucky Patcher APK. Follow the steps as mentioned and do not miss any because all are mandatory to ensure success of your patch.

  1. Make sure the device in which you intend to use Lucky patcher is rooted
  2. Install the tool
  3. Open it and locate the apps you wanna patch
  4. Select it and lookup for available patches
  5. Apply your desired ones and close the tool

We hope you liked the tutorial on how to use lucky patcher APK. If you did, do let us know what else you’d like to see here. Also, do mention in case you are facing issues while installing and using Lucky patcher. This will help us to improve the tutorial. Few phones and tablets requires some additional steps in order to work with Lucky Patcher APK. That happens because device structure varies in every phone. The tool itself is very adaptive but the device in which it runs will require some customization.

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