Download Lucky Patcher APK for All Android Devices (ALL Versions)

Download Lucky Patcher : This page contains all Lucky Patcher versions ever existed, from latest to oldest. Scroll down, select your desired variant and Download Lucky Patcher APK on Android now. This app will give you more control over your favorite applications. If you do not like any specific functions an app has to offer, you can remove that using Lucky Patcher. Similarly, this tool also allows you to add those features which you think are needed in your application. Essentially, it can act as steroids for android applications. Power users always find themselves unsatisfied how their favorite messaging tool lacks in bits. Lucky Patcher is designed for users like them only. But it only works on Android, so in case you have an iPhone, you won’t be able reap benefits like Android users. But there hope for a future iOS variant. iOS is very restrictive in nature and does not allow developers to be creative in an invasive manner. Because of this we’ll probably never see an iOS version of Lucky Patcher. BUt still, in case some thing comes up like that, this page will be the first one to inform you.

Lucky Patcher APK

What Lucky Patcher does is that it locates certain core files responsible to give the app its structure. Such files are hidden from the users and are not permitted to be interfered with. If anyone tries to touch them manually, they will be greeted with a very messy encryption text. That is right ! Core files are generally encrypted. You cannot rely on manual editing to modify your Android APK. This is when Lucky Patcher comes to the picture. It can easily locate those files and make the necessary changes on behalf of you. The best part is : No coding knowledge is required to be able to execute a patch ! The list of pre-made patches is always growing as each update brings a bunch of new ones. You can also request new patches and fixes using the contact menu present within the application.

Lucky Patcher APK Features

The tool itself is very efficient. It is capable of doing hours or potentially days of work in seconds ! Its speed lies on the core programming used. You can check it on the developer’s page available inside it. One can can easily modify literal batches of various applications in a matter of minutes. In a productivity point of view, no one comes near this application. Although its main purpose is to make code alterations, there are few bonus features as well that makes many other utility tools obsolete. Read this list I’ve put in order to understand its main functions.

  • Patching : This tool has a list of all apps installed on your phone. From there you can choose anyone of your liking to experiment with.
  • File Transfer : In case the app data on your phone exceeds the threshold, you can use Lucky patcher to transfer apps to SD card. It is very capable as a file transfer tool as well.
  • Temporary files : Most of us have a cluster worth pile of temporary files piled up at the back of our devices. Such files are important to deal with and delaying in cleaning them might lead to performance hazards. Lucky patcher offers a perfect cleaning tool to prevent the same
  • Speed : Each and every patch available as preset won’t take more then 5 seconds of your time to imply. If it does take in any case, it may be because of the lag your hardware causes.
  • Out put : Each patch it conducts, there are always output files generated that makes it very clear how the functions went. If there are errors in the log file, you can repeat the process and the error files will be replaced.

As you can see that there are plenty of features that makes this application superior to others of its kind. The main of them all is abundance of presets. Lucky Patcher’s amount of patches is unbelievably high as compared to other apps. The best thing is it only keeps getting more populated. In case you are having a hard time deciding which patch is best for you, you can test them all in a row and decide the best ones for yourselves.

Download Lucky Patcher For Android Oreo

After reading all the features it has to offer, it is time to finally install it on your device. Before doing the same, there certain prerequisites to be taken care of. Firstly, there needs be at least 10 GB of free space in your device. You can check this via settings or any capable file management application. Es file Explorer does the job very well by suggesting what to delete based on low or no usage statistics. The most used ones comes at last and those never used starts from top. Go through that list and carefully decide what too keep and what not.


After cleaning up, you need to download Lucky Patcher APK from the link mentioned above. The entire file is within 15 Mega bytes and can be downloaded quickly from a typical internet connection. After downloading, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Tap on the apk file
  2. Tap on install the application
  3. In case it prevents the installation, check whether installation from third party is allowed in the settings or not. If not then check the box OK to allow the installation.
  4. In case it still prevents the installation by giving popups, open the dialog box and tap allow
  5. In the next window, the app will ask for certain permissions. Read all of them carefully as these will be required by Lucky Patcher android PIE to perform necessary functions. Check all the permissions and tap on “Allow all”.
  6. Proceed with the installation and let it be done automatically
  7. Open the app to test whether the process was a success or not
  8. Cross verify it by checking through file manager. Open it and locate Android data folder. If a “Lucky Patcher” folder exists then its done

As you can see, the installation process is a little bit different from what we are used to do with. The main thing to keep in mind here is that there will be a lot of permission being asked. You will need to allow all of these as omission of a single one would stop Lucky Patcher from performing its basic functions.


We hope you liked Lucky Patcher APK download. If you did, then please share this website with your friends and do let us know what else you want us from this site. This right here is a very basic tutorial on how to download lucky patcher on Android Pie. If you liked it, you will definitely enjoy more advanced tutorials that are in queue to be published.

Are you really a fan of playing your android mobile? Well, in the event that you truly enjoy gaming via your android apparatus, you have to have been frustrated by something: the superior attributes or the in-app purchases. Ordinarily, these games and apps have locked attributes such as figures, levels, and coins, amongst others. To delight in the sport completely, three components have to be unlocked.

However, how can you do so? We will demonstrate ways to go about it. Perhaps you have heard of this Lucky Patcher? We’ll be sharing information regarding this program and how you may use it in order to enjoy the premium attributes in almost any game with no type of disturbance. So let’s start.

Games and software are now remarkably popular with android users. Developers continue launch new games during. They would like to make a considerable number of dollars from such programs and games. To attain their objectives, they lock vital capabilities. In most games, you’re permitted to unlock these attributes and resources upon set of a particular number of coins and jewels. You’ll be required to complete missions or purchase them via in-app purchases.

Regrettably, it may take you several months attempting to unlock the tools through assignment completion and collecting of coins. Would you would like to invest your hard-earned money to get game resources? That would seem totally absurd. Lucky Patcher is completely everything you want in this respect.

Update : We just published an Advanced Tutorial on Lucky Patcher APK download ! Go check it out !

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